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Radiative transfer models for operational retrieval of plant traits and ecosystem functional properties from multi-source remote sensing data

  • 27 October, 2021
  • 12:45
  • University of Twente, Urban and regional and Geo-Information Management
  • Bob Su
  • Christiaan van der Tol

The thesis work is devoted to plant traits retrieval and ecosystem flux simulation with Soil Canopy Observation, Photosynthesis and Energy fluxes (SCOPE) model. The first chapter explores the theoretical capabilities of SCOPE application on top of atmosphere (TOA) optical and thermal domain Sentinel-3 data. The second chapter describes the practical challenges of Sentinel-3 time series preparation. The third chapter validates SCOPE-simulated gross primary productivity (GPP) and evapotransporation (ET) fluxes against European eddy covariance (EC) site measurements. The final chapter demonstrates how SCOPE-simulated GPP flux can be used for local scale potato yield simulation. Overall, the thesis work broadens the usage of SCOPE outside radiative transfer towards photochemistry and energy balance.


Egor Prikaziuk

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