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High-resolution modelling of plume dispersion

  • 1 September, 2023
  • 16:00
  • Wageningen University, Meteorology and Air Quality
  • prof.dr. M.C. C.C. van Heerwaarden

Climate change is one of the most pressing societal and scientific topics that require immediate attention. Methane, as one of the most important greenhouse gasses, is constantly emitted and those emissions are not adequately constrained. In the light of the urgent need to mitigate methane emissions, the methane measurement techniques should be as accurate as possible. Therefore, in this thesis, the research on the use of high-resolution models to simulate methane plume dispersion under different atmospheric and topographical conditions is presented. The work in the thesis can be split into two main research topics: 1) benchmarking and evaluating high-resolution models for simulations of plume dispersion in realistic conditions and 2) using realistic simulations of field conditions to mimic measurement techniques and evaluate their performance.


Anja Raznjevic

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