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Functional characterization of novel human gut bacteria Involved in the metabolism of sulfur and Trimethylamine

  • 20 March, 2024
  • Wageningen University, Microbiology
  • A.J.M. Stamsprof.dr. W.M. de Vos

This thesis investigated the anaerobic conversion of sulfur-containing compounds and trimethylamine within the human gut microbiome. In Chapter 1, a thorough literature review explored human gut bacteria involvement in sulfur and trimethylamine metabolism. Chapter 2 examined sulfidogenic bacteria through human fecal enrichment experiments, resulting in the isolation of two novel strains related to sulfur and trimethylamine metabolism. Chapter 3 characterized one isolate, Eubacterium maltosivorans YIT, highlighting its diverse metabolic capabilities, including butyrate and propionate production and deamination of quaternary amines to mitigate trimethylamine formation. Genomic and proteomic studies in Chapter 4 provided insights into the versatile metabolism of E. maltosivorans, revealing the involvement of bacterial microcompartments in degradation of quaternary amines. Chapter 5 introduced Sporobaculum desulfitilongum 2CT, emphasizing its unique abilities in sulfite reduction and pyruvate utilization. Chapter 6 summarized the thesis, underscoring the significance of newly isolated anaerobes in sulfur metabolism and providing insights into trimethylamine metabolism in the human gut.


Yuan Feng

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