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Enabling future climate policy; An analysis of policy gaps and progress under the Paris Agreement

  • 2 February, 2024
  • Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
  • dr. N.E. Höhneprof.dr. H.B.J. Leemans

The Paris Agreement invites countries to submit their own pledges to the global goal of limiting climate change. These pledges, and the policies to implement them, are not individually assessed but collectively remain insufficient to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. Against this backdrop, I assessed the implementation of the Paris Agreement, especially considering national policies and targets to reduce emissions. I also developed methods to identify climate-policy expansion entry points. I found that the Paris Agreement helped lowering emissions but that its ambition raising mechanism requires stronger scrutiny to ensure sufficient policy adoption. I also found that expanding climate policies is conducive of lower emissions. However, many existing options to reduce emissions are not widely adopted. Countries that successfully established comprehensive policy portfolios can help others to identify and mitigate trade-offs of distinct policies and actions. Strengthening international cooperation will be fundamental to realise the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Leonardo Teodoro Ferreira Nascimento

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