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DIY NMR: A hands-on approach to microcoils, magnets and hyperpolarization hardware

  • 8 May, 2024
  • 16:00
  • Wageningen University, BioNano Technology
  • prof.dr. Velders
  • dr. V. Saggiomo

In this thesis, several aspects that limit the more widespread use of NMR are addressed, namely the limited sensitivity, high cost and complexity of magnet components and sample handling for sub-microliter samples. The sensitivity is improved by implementation of multinuclear capable planar spiral microcoils, as well as the use of PhotoChemically-Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (Photo-CIDNP). Photo-CIDNP is also applied on a homebuilt, permanent magnet setup that was developed as part of this thesis. Operating at 90 MHz, without any magnetic field homogenization, the limit of detection is in the sub-nanomole region, using microcoils and hyperpolarization. Finally, to aid sample handling, a 3D printable and programmable syringe pump kit is described, using a cheap and open-source 3D printer kit for virtually all required parts. As an outlook we present a collaboration focussed on miniaturization of spectrometer hardware.


Sander Baas

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