The Choice: Un-box your PhD process & take charge of your performance

  • 08 September - 03 November 2022
  • Wageningen
  • Current and future career
  • 0.5 ECTS

The Choice is an experiential personal leadership course that provides you with tools and insights to become more in charge of your own performance as you proceed with your PhD process.

In any PhD process productive and joyful periods alternate with more challenging ones. In the Choice you will discover ways to lead yourself and others more effectively, increase your impact and improve your personal vitality. The unique combination of physical approaches (such as boxcoaching), systemic constellations and group reflections will give you deep insights in your in current ways of acting, communication styles and effects. You will experience and feel how you can use your personal strengths and drives effectively in your collaboration with others, while overcoming recurring obstacles and increasing your impact.

Former occurrences of this course

2 Sept – 14 Oct 2021   |   4  & 16 March, 14 Apr 2021   |   11 & 24 Sept, 14 Oct 2020   |   13 & 27 Jan, 17 Febr 2020

  • Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS), Wageningen University
  • Twice a year (April and September)
  • 8-12 participants