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Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology

  • 13 - 24 January 2025
  • Delft
  • Environmental (Bio)Technology, Environmental Life Sciences

This very successful course will be held in 2022 for the 33th time! The course aims to familiarize participants with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required in modern biotechnology. Microbial physiologists, metabolic engineers and (bio)process engineers from the faculty staff, together with invited (inter)national experts from other universities and industry, will offer a combination of lectures, exercises and demonstration experiments. In this way, the course will present an intensive and in-depth treatment of the state of the art. At the same time, the course provides the necessary link between, on one hand, fundamental subjects (e.g. stochiometry/kinetics of metabolic networks, physiology/systems biology) and, on the other hand, applications for design of microorganisms and and optimization of large-scale biotechnological processes.

Former occurrences of this course

17-26 Jan 2024   |   18-27 Jan 2023   |   8-17 June 2022   |   17-28 Jan 2022