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Essentials of Modelling

  • 06 - 17 February 2023
  • Wageningen Campus
  • Methodology, Transdisciplinarity

Models are simplified representations of a part of reality. Many modelling projects deal with global issues such as climate change, sustainability, or the management of socio-ecological or socio-technical systems. When modelling one must consider an array of aspects that do not directly relate to the mathematical and computational side of modelling such as establishing a common definition, a model ontology, settling on a model purpose, conceptualizing the model to match the model purpose, and considering what data are available or required.

Elements that will be addressed in this course:

  • How to involve stakeholders?
  • How to establish a shared model ontology?
  • How to balance scientific model credibility and technical detail with relevance and societal views and needs?

This course is primarily aimed at participants who are in the start-up of a modelling project. We purposefully aim to involve people from different scientific backgrounds. The emphasis is not on the mathematical, computational, and statistical aspects of modelling per se, but on the elements of the modelling process before that. You will learn about the scoping of a model, and to think critically about the choices in modelling. The set-up is to have participants cooperate with peers from other disciplines to reflect on the foundational design, requirements and purpose of their own modelling projects.

  • PE&RC and WASS, Wageningen University
  • No prior experience of modelling is required