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Dynamic Energy Budgets

  • 03 - 03 March 2021
  • Online
  • Environmental Life Sciences
  • 8.0 ECTS

A quantitative theory for processes of energy uptake and use by organisms is discussed on the basis of the DEB book. The focus is on the relationship between different levels of biological organisation (cells, organisms, populations), the role of modelling and statistics in practical biological research and the need of a mechanistic underpinning. Software package DEBtool will be used to exercise the practical application of the DEB theory , and to study how parameters interact in quantities that are frequently measured, such as weights, respiration rates, chemical composition etc.

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1 Febr – 2 June 2017   |   19 Febr – 30 Apr 2015   |   18 Febr – 26 Apr 2013