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Do You Trust (Your) Science? – A Perspective of Theory of Science and Sociology of Knowledge

  • 05 February 2021
  • Online
  • Communication & Societal Impact, Current and future career

The status of a technician in science is not enough for you?
You want to create knowledge and you have enough courage to approach the limits of science as a method? Then its time to broaden your horizons and take different perspectives on your research.
In this course you will approach theory of science as well as social impacts on knowledge generation in your daily scientific practice. This will lead you to better knowledge in your own research field and an improvement of the creativity of your own research questions. Perceiving nuances in the understanding of research will boost your basis for interdisciplinary work.


The following topics will be covered by lectures, discussions and exercises

  • Reflection on factors influencing own knowledge
  • Science as practice and the social perspective of action
  • Own preferences, disciplinary norms – the historical-philosophical perspective
  • Limits of knowledge and methodology