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Deep Learning for Image Analysis

  • 05 - 09 June 2023
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Environmental (Bio)Technology, Methodology

The advent of deep learning has brought a revolution in the field of computer vision, including most tasks and research questions concerned with microscopy image analysis. Neural networks have been successfully used for image restoration, classification and segmentation, for the detection of objects and characterisation of their morphology, for high-throughput imaging and large-scale processing in 3D. Despite these advances, training and deployment of such neural networks remains difficult for practitioners of image analysis. The aim of our course is to close this gap and teach the participants – in the most hands-on way possible – to apply deep learning-based methods to their own data and image analysis problems. This is a blended learning course with practical and theoretical sessions. Participants should provide an outline of one image analysis task they would like to work on during the course.

Former occurrences of this course

17-21 Jan 2022

  • EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • This course is aimed at both core facility staff and research scientists.
    Prerequisites for this workshop are programming skills in Python and ideally Tensorflow, Keras or Pytorch as well as basic knowledge of machine learning theory.