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Crash Course in Experimental Economics

  • 17 - 22 August 2020
  • Online
  • Methodology, Social Sciences & Economics
  • 3 ECTS

This six-day crash course is an introduction to the field of experimental economics. The course provides students with skills needed to design and run an experiment. The course is offered online only.


The summer school welcomes Master’s and PhD students, alumni, professionals in Economics and related fields, who are interested in mastering the essential skills to design and run an experiment. The level is introductory, targeted at participants who have no or little experience in running experiments.

Admission requirements

Students are expected to have passed an intermediate-level course in micro-economics (including basic game theory).


Before each class, students are expected to have read the parts of “Markets, Games and Strategic Behavior” by Ch. A. Holt (Pearson 2019) that are relevant for that topic. These parts will not be discussed in detail in class. The relevant parts are given in the program overview which students can access after registering.


Former occurrences of this course

17-22 Aug 2020   |   19-24 Aug 2019   |   20-25 Aug 2018   |   17-22 July 2017