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Coping with your Postdoc in times of crisis – GEANNULEERD

  • 12 - 28 May 2021
  • Online
  • Current and future career

This 3 half-day programme supports postdocs in identifying and tackling challenges that have come up as result of a crisis and how to stay in a positive flow of work and life.

Central elements that will be addressed:

  • Consequences Covid in the career perspective given the fact that time is lost and one cannot reach the postdoc goals
  • How to tackle a crisis situation in such a way that one remains functional
  • Planning how to go further


Day 1 (12 May 2021): Identifying Challenges

  • Introduction of course leaders, participants and the programme
  • Human response to crisis (short introduction and workshop on how participants respond)
  • Peer coaching: Helping each other to identify challenges and tackling them (introduction to Peer Coaching and forming groups)
  • Making you challenges specific (individual SWOT analysis done in the peer coaching groups)
  • Plenary reflection of challenges and final process of making the main challenges specific

Day 2 (17 May 2021): Tackling challenges

  • Reflection on the main challenges brought forward on day 1
  • How to tackle challenges? (taking responsibility, showing personal leadership, increasing your domain of influence)
  • Making a SMART plan of action via a OGSM (again in Peer Coaching groups)
  • Presentation of the OGSM
  • Assignment for day 3: Peer coaching groups make a plan how to help each other in realising their OGSM

Day 3 (28 May 2021): Reflection and synthesis

  • Feedback from Peer Coaching groups (how far did you get? Where did the OGSM go well and where did it fail)
  • Reflection on the state of the art and how to take things further
  • Adjustment of OGSM
  • Planning of Peer Coaching sessions
  • Closure
  • PE&RC and WIMEK, Wageningen University
  • Maximum number of participants is 12