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Consumer behaviour: Theory and applications in health and sustainability of food choices

  • 08 May - 30 June 2023
  • Leeuwenborch, Wageningen Campus
  • Social Sciences & Economics
  • 4.0 ECTS

The aim of the course is to provide PhD candidates with a solid foundation for critical thinking and developing research ideas on consumer behavioural research, applied to the food domain (healthfulness and sustainability of food decisions).

Selected topics on consumer behaviour are discussed, in three steps: (1) original theory that was developed, (2) current research on the topic and recent insights, (3) application of the theory in the food domain, related to health and/or sustainability. Each topic is discussed in session that centres on a discussion of assigned readings, in which the papers are placed in a broader context. In additions duo-assignments related to the topic are discussed in seperate sessions.

  • Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS), Wageningen University
  • 6-24 participants