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Citizen Science for Water Management and Sustainable Development

  • 15 - 26 May 2023
  • Delft

The aim of this course is for participants to gain a basic understanding of the role and relevance of citizen science projects for water management and sustainable development, and to provide participants with an overview of the main concepts, best practices, and tools for designing and implementing water-related citizen science projects.

Citizen science projects and initiatives often extend beyond ‘mere’ data collection to other steps of the scientific method, to public and community participation in decision making. As such, citizen science has the potential to trigger shifts in the role of citizens and communities in environmental management and related decision making, with significant (potential and realised) impacts on existing water management, governance processes and sustainable development. The course seeks to prepare participants for their future roles as stakeholders, active participants or project managers of in different ‘shapes and sizes’ of citizen science initiatives with distinct purposes.

  • IHE Delft