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Biotechnology of Conversion: Fundamentals of (Bio)Electrochemistry

  • 11 February 2021
  • Online
  • Environmental (Bio)Technology


This course will introduce the fundamentals of (bio)electrochemistry, particularly

  • the microbial extracellular electron transfer from an electrochemical perspective,
  • the thermodynamics & kinetics of these processes,
  • the basics of electrochemical methods with a special focus on cyclic voltammetry.

Didactic Aims

  • have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of (bio)electrochemistry and the underlying principles
  • know the available basic techniques
  • to apply basic principles and methods to their own research

Didactic Elements

Lectures, interactive forms of teaching (lab-tour and seminar on example data sets)

Former occurrences of this course

7 Febr 2019   |   8 Febr 2018   |   9 Febr 2017   |   10 Febr 2016