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BCF Grant Application Course

  • 10 - 11 October 2023
  • Online
  • Current and future career

Are you a PhD student, postdoc or starting group leader and do you want to enhance your career prospects in academia? Do you wish to improve one of the most vital skills of succeeding in science?Then join the BCF Grant Application Course on how to write a successful grant application. During this intensive two-day course you will be taught by seasoned scientists, grant application experts who have reviewed hundreds of grants, assessors from funding bodies such as NWO and many more. This course covers the following aspects of grant application: 1. How to find the right funding opportunity out of the hundreds of funding options available. 2. How to determine and evaluate suitable topics for a successful grant application. 3. How to write an appealing grant summary to entice people to continue reading. 4. How to structure an application and tips and pointers to make your application successful. Speakers will include amongst others: 1. Seasoned professors with extensive grant track records. 2. Grant application consultants who have reviewed and supported hundreds of grants over their career. 3. Experience stories from early-stage researchers who just obtained successful funding themselves such as Veni, Rubicon, Marie-Curie fellowships or other early stage grants. 4. Professionals from funding bodies to tell you about their perspective and views on successful grants.

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12-13 Oct 2022   |   10-11 March 2021   |   22-23 June 2020   |   16-17 Jan 2020   |   17-18 Jan 2019