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Animal Movement Analysis

  • 30 June - 05 July 2019
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Environmental Life Sciences, Methodology
  • 1.5 ECTS

The aim of this course is to provide participants with skills to assist them in working with animal movement data including data management and organization, working with large tracking datasets, data exploration, visualization and analysis of movement data. The course content is relevant for participants studying movement in a broad range of taxa and environments, however there is an emphasis on birds in the course exercises (based on an existing set of bird tracking data) and most guest lectures. Participants will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of different tracking technologies for diverse taxa in terrestrial and marine environments. The course will combine several guest lectures from international experts, predominantly hands-on computer work, field experiments, presentations given by participants and focal workshops on the last day of the course. During the course different software packages will be used with most of the work conducted in R, and participants will learn some basic programming and database skills. Course participants are expected to familiarize themselves with R before the beginning of the course, and materials for self-tuition will be provided in advance.

Former occurrences of this course

30 Juni – 5 July 20219   |   2-7 July 2017   |   5-10 July 2015

  • PE&RC, Wageningen University
  • Every two years
  • Min. 25, max. 35 participants
  • Basic knowledge of R