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A2 Research – PhD impact incubator

  • 01 - 01 January 2050
  • Any time, any place
  • Communication & Societal Impact

A2 coordinator: Catarina Marinetti, MSc

All research executed by SENSE PhD candidates is important and deserves to be communicated clearly, both within the scientific community and in its larger societal context. There is no better person to develop and to practice this communication than yourself. Within SENSE, we want to support and challenge you towards developing these specific PhD competencies. As a result, the A2 project is one of the compulsory courses for all SENSE PhD candidates.

Learning goals

  • Increase the impact of your research
  • Learn and practice how to communicate with your stakeholders
  • Understand and communicate the societal relevance of your research
  • Position your research in an interdisciplinary context
  • Strengthen your scientific communication
  • Can be started any time
  • 1-4