Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Sciences

22 - 26 May 2023
Wageningen University
WIMEK, Wageningen University
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Dealing Professionally with Climate Change Issues

09 - 14 January 2023
VU University Amsterdam
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Deep Learning

24 - 28 July 2023
Tinbergen Institute
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Deep Learning for Image Analysis

05 - 09 June 2023
Heidelberg, Germany
EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
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Design of Experiments

31 May - 02 June 2023
Wageningen Campus
WIAS/PE&RC, Wageningen University
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Discussion group Modelling and Simulation

21 February 2023
Lumen room 2, Wageningen Campus
Discussion group Modelling and Simulation
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Discussion Group Sustainable Cacao & Coffee

29 March 2023
Wageningen Campus, Lumen 6, and online
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Discussion group Wageningen Evolution and Ecology Seminars (WEES)

30 March 2023
Wageningen campus
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Do You Trust (Your) Science? – A Perspective of Theory of Science and Sociology of Knowledge

05 February 2021
UFZ Leipzig
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Downstream Processing

03 - 07 July 2023
Delft University of Technology
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